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The site contains general descriptions of amber specimens. Most of the amber is from the Dominican Republic and is generally very clear in nature. All specimens have some insect, plant material, or spiders; the content of each is listed with the picture. Most have been identified to the Order and Family, although some are identified down to the genus level!

With its breathtaking coastline, stunning countryside and vibrant towns, West Dorset really is one of the most beautiful places in England to holiday. Search and book your holiday accommodation in West Dorset online, find out details of upcoming events and things to see and do.

Specializing In preparing; Trilobites, Gastropods, Echinoderms, Brachiopods. Services Include: Fossil cleaning and preparation, Speaking on fossil related topics, Writing fossil related articles, School Programs Assist on fossil digs for research or collections.

A kid-powered site for nature adventures and activities. Contains lots of good information about finding fossils in the Chesapeake Bay area in Virginia and Maryland (USA).

Offering quality fossil, rock and mineral specimens for teachers, students and collectors. We specialize in low cost quality fossils and minerals for the beginning collector, students, teachers, and schools.

With over 7500 pages of walking information, including many walk descriptions, "Walking Britain" is dedicated to the footpaths that cross the landscape. The National Parks feature strongly in the lists of walks including the Lake District, the Peak District and Snowdonia, not to mention the Yorkshire Dales.

Covering current projects in the world of Palaeontology around the world. An up-to-date collection covering the latest news and including photographs of each project.

Welcome to my home place. I am a retired paleontologist/geologist, museum curator, college instructor, and geosciences librarian. This webpage is a gateway to the websites I have created for my many interests

We are the UK’s foremost online fossil shop. we specialise in fossils from the UK, but we also have a great range of exotic fossils for sale. The company is run by a qualified palaeontologist: Byron Blessed. We have been online purveyors of high quality fossils for over 8 Years. We specialise in fossils from the Lias of Yorkshire and Dorset coasts.

Most of these fossils come from localities that are now protected and old collections are the only source. The internet has revolutionized the ability to search for these collections. In the last couple of years it has helped track down several old collections of Devonian and Silurian material from Scotland, plus a major US collection of Devonian fish from Miguasha in Canada (noted on page 13-Dev Fishes and Plants of Miguasha, Schultze and Cloutier).

The intention of this site is to provide an educational resource on fossils to those who would like to learn more about how life on earth evolved and who may have difficulty in gaining access to areas where fossils can be found. It may also be of some interest to other fossil collectors (palaeontologists) to see some of the examples of the specimens I have found in various locations in the United Kingdom. I am only an amateur palaeontologist and whilst I have taken great care in producing the information on this site.

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features the finest quality fossil shark teeth from around the world including Megalodon teeth, other Great White shark teeth, and teeth from many other sharks. Most of our inventory is museum quality. All of our inventory is authentic and unconditionally guaranteed.

Or at least, my Jurassic Park! A special fun-packed website for all you dino fans. Includes species encyclopedia, art gallery, theme park project, cloning articles, JP4 news, message board, links and more!

An educational resource providing information on earth science, geologic history and fossils. Topics include fossil formation, geologic time, earth science lesson plans, and activities for kids.

Welcome to Dinosaur Creations Providing you with some of the best dinosaur model kits & displays available on the web! Life-size dinosaur displays & models store. Includes some of the most realistic and scientifically accurate dinosaur models to date. From huge Stegosaurus & Velociraptor busts to full figure displays of the tiny chicken-sized Compsognathus!

An introduction to fossils, you're a rank amateur in these matters, probably words like Silurian, and concepts like the Nashville Dome, and gravel washing from atop the Dome as it rose, are very foreign for you. However, maybe you glimpse the fun you can have by mastering these and a few other simple words and concepts. Just think: in a deep gully practically in my backyard, this fossil was found, the fossil of a creature who lived hundreds of millions of years ago...

Welcome to Paleo Enterprises. We offer a fine selection of Clovis and other Paleo points, high grade coral and lots of affordable good quality points and bone work, all guaranteed authentic. We also have a great selection of Pleistocene and Early Miocene fossils from Florida including many Mastodon and Mammoth teeth, some jaws, a few unique world class fossils found nowhere else, Tapir, Horse, Giant Beaver, Giant Armadillo, Camel , Giant Pig, Bear dog, Menoceras Rhino, Dire Wolf, Short Faced Bear, Black Bear, Saber Cat, Giant Lion, Giant Ground Sloth, Alligator, and bulk fossils.

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