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Fossils and fossil collecting in
Seven Sisters , Sussex
Location summary information for collecting fossils in Seven Sisters, Sussex

World famous site for its highly Fossilferious Chalk, packed with a wide range of different Echinoid species, Brachiopods, Bivalves and Crinoids. This is one of the best chalk locations in the UK for zonal variety. Recommended to all keen Chalk fossil hunters.

Seven Sisters Location Information

Highly Fossilferious Chalk. Seven Sisters is one of the best chalk locations in the UK and is full of surprises. Recommended to all keen Chalk fossil hunters.

(Suitable for Families)

Seven Sisters is suitable for families, but not recommended for small children. Please keep away from the base of the cliff at all times.


It is a long walk down to the cliffs at Seven Sisters with many steps. This can make access to this location difficult for some.

Cliff and Foreshore

Fossils at Seven Sisters are mostly found simply lying on the foreshore, but they are also be found in the cliff face and scree slopes.

There are 'NO' restrictions to this location

Grid Reference
British National Grid
TV 51706 97639
50.75947°N, 0.14871°E


Common sense when collecting at all locations should be taken and knowledge of tide times should always be noted. Two dangers are apparent along the Seven Sisters coastline, the first is the tidal conditions which need to be taken note of, and good time allowed to return. The other important note is the danger of falling debris and cliff falls from the high cliffs. Stay away from the foot of the cliff and if you are knocking fossils or hitting rocks, do so well away from the cliff as hammer vibrations can cause debris to fall. Hard hats should be worn. Be careful of slipping on seaweed on some of the rocks on the foreshore.

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