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Aust, Avon
Location summary information for collecting fossils in Aust, Avon

At Aust the Famous Red and White cliffs that can be seen when crossing the river Severn contain a highly productive bone bearing bed at the very top from the Rhaetian Penarth series. This bed is full of teeth, reptile, fish and dinosaur remains.

Location Information

The Bone Bearing Beds at Aust are highly fossilferious, but be warned that Aust is a very well known and frequently visited location. The tidal waters do not hit the cliff as often as they used to, so this location is subject to the correct beach and tidal conditions. Best visited during the winter months.

(Suitable for Children)

Fossils at Aust can be found by simply beach combing the foreshore, children can find teeth and small bones by searching along the tide line, shingle and amongst the seaweed. Please ensure that children are watched at all times.


You can park fairly nearby and easily walk to Aust. The walk is easy and follows a concrete wide footpath, once at Aust there are two areas split between the bridge. For children, it is best to keep to the South side of the Bridge as it can be more difficult climbing the vertical steel steps. Please note there are no toilets in this area.


Aust is a Foreshore Location, which means that all of the fossils are found directly from the foreshore. You will not find any fossils in the cliff at Aust since the bone bearing beds are actually right at the top of the cliff.

There are 'NO' restrictions to this location

Grid Reference
British National Grid
ST 56542 89577
51.60334°N, 2.62888°W


Common sense when collecting at all locations should be taken and knowledge of tide times should always be noted. The main issue at Aust is the dangerous mud flats at the river bank. Do not venture out too far or you could get stuck. Although cliff falls are rare, they often crumble. It is not necessary to be near the cliff, collecting is best done on the foreshore.

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