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Fossil collecting guides and advice

Where to find fossils and what to find? It doesn't matter if your an experienced collector, or just starting out, our guides feature hundreds of fossil collecting locations in the UK, with geological guides, and advice. Fossils, rocks and minerals can easily be found with a little patience, we will show you how.

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New to fossils? Read our beginners guides what is a fossil, how fossils formed and where to find fossils.

We also have a range of helpful fossil guides telling you all about the different fossil groups, such as 'ammonites', ' belemnites', 'ostracods' and 'foraminifera'. Plus many more.

We have teamed up with UKAFH, the UK’s number one amateur fossil hunting society. Together, we offer events all around the UK, a free digital magazine and regular mailing lists. Paid members benefits include 10% UKGE discount, special events, and free copies of our glossy rock and fossil magazine 'Deposits'.

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